The Full Sons Of Anarchy Spin Off Trailer Has Finally Dropped

Mayan MC

We ride again.

We’ve been getting quietly excited about the Sons Of Anarchy spinoff Mayan MC for a very long time now, and until today all we’ve really received in terms of info about it is a few screenshots, very limited video clips and some idea of a plot – but that’s all changed with the release of the first trailer.

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These things are always more fun when you go in with what you’re about to expect, so I’m gonna shut up and let you dive right into it below:

OK so that didn’t really tell us anything either, I apologise for getting everyone hyped up at the beginning of this article. Still, it’s a very effective trailer that establishes that the Mayans are Spanish – you know because Paint It Black is sang in the language, very clever – and that they’re complete and utter badasses because all the flowers wilt and fade when they ride past. Very powerful.

I’m not gonna lie and say that this particular trailer got me any more pumped for Mayan MC than I already was, but it certainly let me know that it is actually happening and is almost on our screens and we only have to wait until the autumn for it. That’s got me excited for sure.

For more of the same, check out some of the plot details of the show. It’s destined to be a classic.


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