This Fry-Up Served With Gravy Has Divided Opinion

Fry up gravy

Controversial food combination.

The English breakfast is a staple of the British diet and aside from a few variations, the recipe has remained more or less the same for decades.

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However, one Bristol pub has decided to shake things up a bit by serving their fry-ups with gravy.

The Old Bookshop is behind the rather controversial combination, which is sort of like an English breakfast/roast dinner mash-up. The addition has divided opinion and one food blogger Thom Whitchurch has described why he is a fan:

I’ll admit that pouring gravy over an egg did twist my melon at first, but I got over it pretty quick.

You see, the gravy works like the leader of a polyamorous relationship, bringing all of the other ingredients together to create one weird but beautiful union.

Some people were not quite so sure, with one angry local writing, “Bin it, forget it, never raise it again.”

For those of you in that area of the country who are interested in trying this food fusion, the fry-up is made up of bacon, a sausage, one egg, bubble and squeak, baked beans, and mushrooms. It costs £9.50 and of course next to it you get a jug of rich gravy.

The whole thing looks like a bit of a mess on the plate, but then again when do fry-ups not look like a mess? Although I’m still not convinced – I think I’ll stick to ketchup and brown sauce for the time being.

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