From Struggling Student To A Self-Made Millionaire: How Samuel Leach Paved His Own Pathway To Riches


Samuel Leach is the founder of the multi-national, multi-million-pound business, Samuel & Co. Trading. The epitome of a self-made man, he was a working-class teenager who used grit and hard work to create his own fortune. While the road wasn’t always an easy one, he ensured his own success through research and willpower. Here’s his remarkable story.

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Samuel Leach & Samuel & Co. Trading

At the age of 25, Samuel Leach had already become one of the United Kingdom’s youngest millionaires. His swift rise to the top of the trading world had afforded him countless successes. By that time, he had started an international company, Samuel & Co. Trading, and hired a team of experts to support his growing empire.

In 2016, the firm launched various teaching programs, helping individuals build their wealth. These days, the business has a range of training options that are perfectly pitched for everyone from beginners to those who have been trading for years. Samuel Leach keeps things simple, with the core business goal: “To help as many people as possible to achieve the level of wealth we believe is possible via trading the financial markets.”

Samuel Leach’s climb to the top was a fast one, but that doesn’t mean that it was easy. Having seen his family struggle financially as a young person, he knew from an early age that he wanted to make a success of his life. So, how did this working-class kid make it big?

The Rise To The Top Of Trading

To understand Samuel Leach’s remarkable drive, it’s worth taking a look back at his childhood. After his parents’ divorce, he, his brother, and his dad moved into some shared housing. As he puts it, he was living among drug addicts and alcoholics. There was a time when the family of three had to share a bed and, each night, they had to decide who would sleep in it. Needless to say, the situation was insecure and, frankly, harrowing.

It was then that Samuel Leach learned what it truly meant to be uncomfortable. As a teenager, he knew that he wanted something different for his life. He turned to Google and looked for the highest-paying jobs he could get. After that, he set about applying, determined to change his luck and find his pathway to riches. He soon landed an interview for a job in a private bank and, armed with 50 pages of research, managed to get it.

Working for the private bank afforded Samuel Leach a massive advantage. Over that time, he began learning about the world of finance. When he had completed his college courses, he enrolled in a Marketing and Advertising degree at the University of Hertfordshire. It was there that he would find his feet and launch his career.

Thanks to stellar grades during college, Samuel Leach was given a bursary of £2,000 for university. While other students may have spent the money frivolously on nights out and takeaways, he put it to better use. He began trading. Soon enough, he had turned an initial 2K account into a massive £178,000 using hedging as his main strategy.

Over the next few years, Samuel Leach would launch his company, Samuel & Co. Trading, and climb the financial ladder even higher. Armed with his successes, the entrepreneur decided to share his unique insights with the world in the hopes of educating others.

Trading Programmes And Training

Since its inception, Samuel & Co. Trading has had a main focus on educating traders. The firm offers training programs for aspiring foreign-exchange and algorithm traders on a global level. Offering both in-house and online courses, the company has a variety of options for individuals who are hoping to learn more about finance and build their wealth.

One example of these training options is the Weekly Trade Lessons. Presented by Samuel Leach himself, these live-streamed sessions offer traders insights into how they can accelerate their careers. With a strong focus on all areas of trading and building a portfolio, this option is a savvy place to start when you first enter the world of trading.

Aside from that, there’s also the official Samuel & Co. Trading Online Trading Course, which helps you master the markets at your own pace. Should you choose this option and complete it, you will be awarded a CPD certification. For more advanced traders, Samuel & Co. Trading also offers the full Wealth Programme and the Complete Trader course.

Samuel Leach’s Reaction To Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak hit the world markets in unimaginable ways. Since the pandemic began, Samuel Leach has been sharing his insights on how it has affected trading. Toward the start of the outbreak, he published interesting and educational posts via Medium.

As things have progressed, he has also given a radio interview on the matter and talked with other experts via Instagram live. Staying on top of the ever-changing market could be the key to your trading success. For that reason, it’s worth following Samuel Leach on social media and signing up for his StockWatch newsletter.

About Samuel Leach & Samuel & Co. Trading

While still at university, Samuel Leach grew an empire. He is the CEO of the multinational, multi-million-pound business, Samuel & Co. trading. The firm has premises in Watford and offers programs to help traders become masters of the market. No matter how experienced you are, getting some expert support could help you excel.


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