Friends Gather Together To Tell Woman Oversharing On Facebook About Her Baby What They Really Think In Anonymous Letter

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Finally someone had the balls to speak up.

This might read like an article from a satire site but we swear it’s 100% true.

It’s happened to all of us. That one girl we thought was really cool and awesome (and usually hot and who loved to party) from school got pregnant and had a kid, and now all you see on her Facebook feed and now all you see every single day is pictures of this kid and whatever cute stuff they’re doing.

We get it – you love your baby and want to share everything he’s doing with everyone, but after having numerous conversations about this over the year the fact of the matter is that most other people you’re friends with on Facebook don’t really give a toss. Sure, a picture every now and again is fine but every day really is crossing the line of unnecessary oversharing. It’s even got to the point where people announce their pregnancy on Facebook, followed up by the news they’re having an abortion too.

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Unfortunately, nobody ever possesses the guts to actually speak up and tell said people about this problem, so it just ends up going on forever until you end up deleting them. It’s even more disconcerting when you’ve had said conversation with the object of your rage and once they’ve actually had a kid themselves they seem to completely erase if from their memory.

Anyway, today somebody has finally spoken up against this and decided to send new mum Jade Ruthven from Perth a letter telling her exactly what they thought of the oversharing of her new baby girl Addison via social networking. You can read it below – fair play I reckon, although it is a bit soft to do it anonymously. If this woman shares pictures of her newborn baby as incessantly as she does though, can you imagine what it would be like if you came to her with this criticism face to face? Maybe it was better to pussy out and do it this way.

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