Here’s How To Get Free Beers For Manchester United V Sevilla Tonight

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When you think about a Tuesday night in February, there’s only really one saving grace that you can come up with.

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Think about it – it’s freezing cold, bleak, nobody has any money and nobody wants to hang out so the only thing that can get anyone excited is the return of the Champion’s League.

That’ll convince at least a couple of people to come to the pub, as you’re pretty much guaranteed some absolutely breathtaking matches and moments of extraordinary skill that you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life – anyone remember Barcelona v PSG from last year? Course you do.

If that still isn’t enough to convince your one tightwad friend to come out and enjoy themselves for once, the guys from Heineken and MatchPint have teamed up for with an offer that will surely twist their arm.

Amazingly, they’re conspiring to make the Champion’s League even better this week by offering a two for one pint deal before any of this year’s knockout games. There is a catch obviously but it’s really not that bad when you consider that you’re getting a hell of a bargain there.

Find out what you need to do in the promo video below, or read all about it further down:

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All you have to do to claim those delicious free beers is head to one of the 116 participating pubs and check in via the MatchPint app between 6-7.45pm. Then just show that at the bar to claim your delicious two for one pint. Sure, you may have to download the app and go to one of the special venues, but just think how much money you’re going to save if you go and watch every single Champion’s League match this year. It’s completely worth it and you know that most of them are going to be corkers too.

You can download MatchPint here and find the list of participating venues on there. I’d recommend you do it ASAP and start figuring out which mates you’re going to take because you’re probably going to need them with you tonight as Sevilla V Man Utd looks as if it’s going to be a classic case of Mourinho parking the bus and scoring a goal on the counter.


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