Fresh music from another OFWGKTA trouble-maker.

Another dude from the crazy-ass-crackerjacks OFWGKTA releases a song, so why not put it on our stereo for you all to hear. This time Frank Ocean‘the singer, who mixes up Odd Future’s style, while Tyler and Earl’s music most likely induces mosh-pits brimming with violent and barbaric teenage boys, Frank gives something for the ladies to groove to’ (thanks for the bio ABOYNAMEDANDY) – steals the limelight from the much-hyped Tyler The Creator.

In a complete contrast to the rapping of Tyler and the rest of the gang, Frank sings sweet love songs akin to the likes of Drake and Kid Cudi.  It may seem a bit out of place in the group of hip-hop menaces but he is a lyrical genius  who has also penned music for Justin Bieber, Brandy and John Legend in the past. He is a lot less nuts than Tyler with a more laid-back and humble demeanour that allows his music to do the talking, but he is the backbone of the group and is responsible for much of the Odd Future tracks. Frank will also feature on Tyler’s new album Goblin when it’s released on May 10th – bound to include more filth from the ultimate hip-hop troublemaker.

Download his dope new mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra here.

And while you’re at it take a listen to Songs For Women to hear his sick vocals and get a feel for what Frank is all about:



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