Four Things That Are Ruining The Internet

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Four things that are ruining the internet.

Before we delve deep into this shady, greasy, mostly teenage world of angst, opinion and other things, you will probably know someone on this list, if not, congratulations, you have normal friends.



In the little lives many of us lead, television and movies are the x amount of minutes of escape from a week full of bullshit and ignorant members of the public. That is until some clever little shit decides they’ll post about the latest happenings in Game Of Thrones all over facebook to the dismay of EVERYONE who watches. The internet has many names for these people, feel free to use yours accordingly.


Metal Band

These days every black haired metal fan worth their puff has a band. It doesn’t matter that they cannot write music, book tours or play anything more complex than polly wolly doodle, hell no, but they’ll sure get a cool facebook page with a swish logo to advertise the fact they are doing the music thing completely wrong! A real drag on the internet is rummaging through these terrible groups to find some decent artists these days.

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