Former Pussycat Doll Claims That The Group Was Nothing More Than A Prostitution Ring

Kaya Jones

She also claims that they were hooked on drugs so that they could be controlled.

With the shocking Harvey Weinstein allegations continuing to emerge, other claims about the head honchos within the entertainment industry are coming out too, with the latest coming from former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones. She’s claiming that the group was nothing more than a prostitution ring.

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Writing on Twitter, the singer detailed how she was forced to sleep with whoever she was told to and that – perhaps even more shockingly – the gatekeepers would also get them hooked on drugs so that they could control them. Check out the full series of tweets below:

Some really serious and harrowing allegations there, although I’m not sure if we should be so surprised about them considering what we know about show business now following Harvey’s fall from grace. It seems like it’s part and parcel of show business unfortunately if you’re a woman.

For what it’s worth, the founder of the Pussycat Dolls Robin Antin has totally denied what Kaya has been saying, issuing the following statement to The Blast:

I was shocked when I heard Kaya Jones‘ allegations, but they are nothing more than disgusting, ridiculous lies. She’s clearly looking for her 15 minutes.

She wasn’t even in the actual group, she was just on a trial and was one of many girls that auditioned over the year who ended up washing out and never becoming a permanent fixture.

We’re currently drafting a legal document to send to Jones to warn her to stop spreading lies.

Well, it wasn’t like she was just going to admit to those things without a fight, was it? I expect this will probably be swept under the rug in the coming weeks but I do genuinely hope that some kind of investigation is launched and we find out what all this was about, and more importantly that it’s a practice that is actually stopped forever.

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