Former Factory Worker Earns £5,000 Salary After Posting This One Simple Kim K Tweet

Jerome Billingham

It really is that easy.

A former factory worker from the UK now has half a million followers on Twitter and earns a sweet bit of extra cash from social media work after Kim Kardashian replied to his tweet.

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Jerome Billingham, 25, saw his followers skyrocket after the reality TV star replied to his tweet four years ago. All he had to do was ask if she noticed her fans and claim his love for her, and she replied, “Love you too!” That was it, and within a week his followers went from 200 to 20,000 and this has grown to 500,000 between two separate accounts.

Kim Kardashian tweet

Jerome has utilised this follower boost by promoting high street companies and E4, earning him a cool £5,000 per year. I mean, it’s not exactly a salary to live on but it must be a significant addition to a minimum wage salary and it all came from a single tweet. Jerome says:

I was doing a 6am shift at my work in a factory and I’d seen she’d tweeted something, I can’t even remember what she tweeted now, but I just replied to ask if she ever noticed her fans.

I didn’t think anything of it and was walking to work and then my phone just started going ping ping ping and going crazy.

I thought: ‘What the hell’s happened?’ and actually wondered if there had been a technological fault with my phone but then I saw hundreds and thousands of replies saying: ‘Congratulations, well done son’.

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Jerome now works for Haven Holidays but he hopes to turn his social media activities into a full time career in the future. It certainly sounds like he’s taking the right steps in order to do so – wishing him all the best.

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