Footsie Brings The Fire With His Forthcoming Butterz Release Featuring Wiley & D Double E

Footsie, Wiley & D Double E. Taking it waaay back.

Footsie is a name that carries a certain essence of experience in the Grime scene. He’s done it all in Grime, from starting his own label, to appearing on the original ‘Lord Of The Mics’ DVD back in the day.

In a mark of respect for this major work within the scene, Butterz are releasing a 3-track EP containing some cult classics of Footsie’s from the ages.

‘Scars’ was a hit instrumental doing the rounds already on the pirates in 2005. The vocal alongside D Double E and the one and only Wiley was an instant cult classic. It is one of the few tracks with Wiley and the Newham Generals together the other only being Trim’s Boogeyman and Prangman Remix which is also featured on this record. Move To The Beat is Footsie & D Double E at their best, a fun exchange for the ravers.


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