Turns out Rafael Van Der Vaart isn’t the only who can do kick ups with chewing gum. He isn’t happy about it though.

So last week or so, I stuck up a video of Rafael Van Der Vaart doing kicks up with a piece of chewing gum whilst he was warming up at the Bernebeu and probably spouted something about how he was a complete sickhead and how it was really amazing that he was doing kick ups with a piece of chewing gum. I mean come on it’s pretty sweet right? I was pretty blown away by it as I had never seen anything similar to it so I was pretty impressed with Van Der Vaart’s effort. Well yeah, apparently this shit has been going on for a while and there are a bunch of videos of footballers doing it. So here they are. Van Der Vaart isn’t happy about it.

The pick of the bunch probably has to be this offering which shows Zlatan Ibrahimovic doing kick ups with chewing gum about five years ago when he played for Juventus. What makes the video so special though is it features an introduction from Eric Cantona, an interview with the Swedish commentator who spotted it, a bunch of interviews with people who can’t believe it AND an interview with Ibrahimovic’s dad about this monumental event. Really surprised I didn’t notice at the time considering the coverage it seems to have received due to this ridiculous video:


There’s also a slightly less impressive video of Mesut Ozil spitting some chewing gum out of his mouth, then doing a single kick up and kicking it back into his mouth. The clip is notable however because it has a soundtrack that makes it sound like you’re watching a porno:


Mesut Ozil is also at it again in this video, where he spits his gum out and does some kick ups and then does some sweet hitch kicks (is that what you call them? I’m not sure but I heard Alex McLeish call it that once when Franck Quedrue did a similar movement), but this time it looks like he loses control of the gum before he can get it back in his mouth, so I’m not sure if this counts as a real set or not?


This one is ok but that Zlatan Ibahimovic doing kick ups with chewing gum video really puts all others in the chewing gum kick ups genre to shame. It seems like there are only these three footballers – including Rafael Van Der Vaart, who’s effort you can see here – who are capable of these skills but I’m sure that before long others will be caught innovating the practice. We’ll keep you updated.

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