Football Prop Bets: Are There Just Too Many?

Well are there?

Football is arguably the most popular game across the world and easily has over a billion fans worldwide. Without a doubt, the FIFA World Cup which takes place every four years is the most watched football tournament across the world.

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However, there are multiple football leagues such as the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División or commonly known as the La Liga (Spanish), Serie A (Italian) and Bundesliga (German) and the ever-popular Premier League (England) which ensure that football fans are kept busy throughout the year.

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Football: Massive Sports Betting Action

Sports betting websites offer their customers a variety of games to bet on and invariably football games tend to draw in a lot of betting action. This is especially true when there are big tournaments taking place or when some of the best football clubs in the world take on each other. Football fans across the world are happy to put down wagers to support their favorites clubs and players with the hope that they can win their bets and enjoy a nice payout.

Some of the top football tournaments in the world include the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, UEFA European Football Championship, UEFA Champions League, CONMEBOL Copa América and the Premier League Cup. These tournaments tend to draw in a massive amount of bets that take place at legal as well as blacklisted sites.

What Is A Prop Bet?

Before defining a prop bet, we will define what a regular bet is so that it is easy for one to understand the difference. A regular bet is usually a wager that is placed on the final outcome of the game. These types of bets are the most common bets and generally tend to revolve around winning, losing or the game finishing in a draw.

A prop bet is the short form for a proposition bet. A prop bet is betting action that is placed on any number of side happenings that usually do not have a direct impact on the final outcome of the game. Prop bets can be based on the non-occurrence or occurrence of a string of different factors and usually carry with it heavy betting odds.

Prop Bets Gaining Popularity

Prop bets on regular football games usually do not get a lot of attention as the serious sports bettor is more interested in the final outcome of the game. Football games during the regular season tend to draw mostly regular bets and prop bets do not get a lot of attention. However, all that changes as the football season comes to a close and each football league approaches the knock out stages. When a massive tournament like the FIFA World Cup, Premier League Championship or the UEFA Champions League comes to the final stages, prop bets suddenly become popular and draw in a lot of betting action.

Prop bets can sometimes be strange and even a bit silly but they do tend to offer some crazy odds which is why some bettors are willing to take the plunge and put good money on these prop bets.

Different Kinds of Prop Bets

There are way too many prop bets available at different sports betting websites for one to cover them all. We will take a look at the most common prop bets available as this will give you an idea of what kind of prop bets you can expect to find at popular sports betting websites.

Player Based Prop Bets: Sports betting websites that are offering prop bets on a football match, will have a drop-down list with the names of the players from both sides. The prop bets offered will include which player will be the man of the match; which player will score the first goal; which player will receive the first card of the match, which player will score the last goal of the match and which player will score the most goals in the match.

Players can choose any one player from the drop-down list and they will find the betting odds at the side of the player they select. The betting odds will help them determine how much they can expect to win for x amount of money that they wager on this prop bet. If players would like to go deeper into prop betting, they will find a Yes/No drop-down list to questions such as will Cristiano Ronaldo score in this match; will Lionel Messi score the first goal; will Neymar Jr receive a yellow card in this match?

Players will have to select the Yes/No option and then wait for the match to conclude to see if they won their prop bet. There is not a lot of science involved with prop betting as it is based solely on luck.

Prop Based Matchups: To make things more interesting, sports betting websites also offer prop-based matchups. This is another Yes/No scenarios to questions such as will Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi score the most goals or will Gareth Bale or Harry Kane be the first to receive a card in this match.

Goal Based Prop Bets: There are also prop bets such as which team will score first, which team will score the most goals in the first half and what time will the first goal be scored.

Conclusion: Most of the popular sports betting websites offer a long list of prop bets on football matches. Prop bets receive more attention and sports betting action as a tournament progresses and reaches the final stages. Prop bets can be risky as they are based on the unknown, but they can also be very rewards as they tend to come with great odds.


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