Here’s The Phone Footage Of Three Guys Getting Smashed On Gas While Blitzing Down The M25

Laughing gas motorway car

Don’t puff and drive.

You would’ve thought that the worst possible place to inhale a laughing gas balloon would be on the motorway, but that didn’t stop the three guys in this video.

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They were captured on camera late at night by a passenger in another car, who spotted them swerving along the road. Everyone in the car, including the driver, can be seen sucking on balloons.

Although the guy filming flashes at them to get them to pull over, they seem unperturbed and just carry on inhaling and driving. Nutters:

If you ever needed an example of what not to do on the motorway, then this is it.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all partial to a little balloon every now and again, but there’s a time and a place and that is the after party. Not whilst driving on a busy road – they’re lucky nothing worse happened. Now that the story has gone national, hopefully they’ll think twice about driving under the influence again.

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