Chilling Footage Shows Sex Slave Found After Being Imprisoned By Serial Killer

Kala Brown

Traumatic stuff.

Harrowing footage has emerged showing the moment a sex slave was rescued after being imprisoned in a shipping container by a serial killer.

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Kala Brown, 30, was allegedly raped almost daily by serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, who shot her boyfriend in front of her while luring the couple to his home. She was then chained to the shipping container at his home in South Carolina for two months.

Police heard Kala’s screams coming from the container when they reached Kohlhepp’s property. Authorities say that they discovered her boyfriend’s body alongside two others who he had shot dead:

Shocking stuff – she seems incredibly calm and coherent considering the horrific ordeal she was forced to endure. The police released the footage this week after Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to several counts of murder, as well as rape.


He has been sentenced to seven consecutive life terms plus 60 years on other charges – basically he is never going to see the outside world again. I guess that’ll give him a long time to think about what he’s done.

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