Harrowing Footage Shows Policeman Trying To Disarm Suicide Bomber Before Being Blown Up

Turkish Airport Attack


The world has been shocked by the news of yet another terrorist attack last night at Turkey’s Ataturk airport late last night. At least 36 people are confirmed dead and many more have been injured (currently estimate at around 147) as the three suicide bombers – thought to be ISIS although this has not yet been confirmed – targeted the third busiest airport in Europe.

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The footage released below captures the last moments of one of the suicide bombers as a hero policeman attempts to stop him from detonating his last bomb. The terrorist is marching through the airport with an AK47 when a policeman opens fire on him, causing him to fall and drop his gun. The policeman then approaches him, only to turn and start running away as he reaches to detonate his bomb. It’s harrowing stuff so if you’re feeling particularly fragile it’s not recommended that you watch it.

I hope the policeman made it out of there alive as he’s responsible for saving a lot of people by taking that guy out. Hopefully he receives some kind of award for his actions and hopefully it isn’t posthumous.

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has called for a global united front fighting terrorism following the attack, saying the following:

Make no mistake: For terrorist organizations, there is no difference between Istanbul and London, Ankara and Berlin, Izmir and Chicago or Antalya and Rome.

Unless all governments and the entire mankind join forces in the fight against terrorism, much worse things than what we fear to imagine today will come true.

Damn straight. Hopefully reports that ISIS are going to shit in the Middle East are true, although the number of terrorist attacks that seem to be happening recently would suggest they’re not. This is a problem that needs sorting though. For now though our thoughts are with everyone affected and RIP to all those who lost their lives.


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