Uncovered Footage Shows Donald Trump Perving HARD On Emma Bunton In Front Of Melania

Classic Trump.

It seems like it’s every other week that footage of Donald Trump’s past life as a sexual deviant is uncovered, and today we’ve got a video of him hitting on none other than Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

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Bunton is alongside fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham at the VH1 Fashion Rocks Party back in 2000. Despite the fact that both of them agree that Donald Trump doesn’t look fashionable at all, they agree to interview him because he’s got loads of money.

Trump doesn’t waste any time lowering the tone, taking a look at Emma Bunton’s butt and proclaiming that ‘it’s very nice’, which Bunton can’t really believe and looks a bit shocked by. Especially considering that Melania – who was only Trump’s girlfriend back then – is standing right there taking it all in. Check out the video below:

Ewww. That’s so creepy, but I suppose we shouldn’t expect anything else from Trump really should we? Expect another one of these videos to be uncovered in approximately two and a half weeks.

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