VIDEO: Foolproof Trick To Getting Free McDonald’s Drive Thru Every Time

Drive Thru McDonalds

When you need that sweet sweet McDonald’s but you’re out of cash, remember this little trick.

I’m not sure I’m actually that interested in a trick that enables you to get free drive thru McDonald’s every time you want it – I mean McDonald’s is pretty gross at the best of times – but the fact that it seems to work so easily AND that it works every time means it’s probably worth knowing for those times when we’re high and broke.

The prank isn’t anything mindblowing although it is pretty remarkable that it seemingly works every time these dudes try it. But then again they are in Australia, so maybe McDonald’s employees over here might be a little more sensible when faced with some hippy stoner guy who is quite obviously trying to blag them. I’m betting they probably aren’t though.

When you’re tucking into your free McDonald’s Xmas dinner, remember who helped you get it.

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