The Next Dumb Food Trend Involves Lattes Served In Avocados


Too far.

Just when you thought food trends couldn’t get any worse, in comes the ‘avolatte’ to prove that the world is at breaking point.

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As the name and the image suggests, it is a latte served in an avocado skin. Gross:

Artisan coffees and avocados might be associated with millennial hipsters, but I still don’t think that called for coffee shops to combine the two to make this monstrosity. Not only would it taste gross, but it must be incredibly hard to drink.

These pitfalls have not appeared to deter the coffee shops that have started serving the avolatte. So far several cafes in Australia have posted pictures of them serving this drink, as well as a restaurant in Turkey. Yes, it truly looks like the avolatte is a growing trend. What a time to be alive.

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