Food Poisoning Expert Reveals 6 Foods You Should Never Eat

If you don’t want to get E.coli or salmonella, avoid these meals.

Bill Marler is a lawyer who has spent 20 years working on food poisoning cases and has won his clients over $600million in damages. He’s currently litigating suits against Chipotle for their E.coli and norovirus outbreaks and as such probably knows what he’s talking about when it comes to these issues.

He published a paper at the weekend explaining that there were six foods that he no longer went anywhere near because the risks were just way too great. These are those foods.

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Raw Oysters


Well yeah, I don’t like these things anyway and this isn’t exactly going to convince me to get into them. Apparently in the past five years Marler has seen more diseases linked to these critters than in the past two decades.

Surprise surprise it’s because of global warming – as waters get warmer, it results in microbial growth in oysters which leads to raw ones being slurped down and you getting absolutely messed up. Nope.

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