The Foo Fighters Opened Their Own Pub In East London Last Night

Foo Fighters Beer

Very East London.

The Foo Fighters are one of the biggest bands in the world, so just what could they do to get people interested about the upcoming release of their 10th album.

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It’s 2017, so of course the answer was to open a pop up pub in East London to promote the fact that ‘Concrete And Gold’ is hitting the internet/record store this Friday September 15th. The pub is located at 339 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9LH and is called ‘The Foo Fighters Arms’ (original) and will be open from the 15th to the 20th.

Here’s the official tweet, as well as a statement from the pub’s website about what to expect:

Foo Fighters are proud to announce the opening of the Foo Fighters Arms in London for one week only.

Doors will open to the public on 15th September to celebrate the release of their new album Concrete and Gold and will host a series of events for both fans and the general public.

There’ll be Foo Fighters beers and exclusive merchandise on sale throughout the week. Keep an eye on the band’s social media channels to find out more.

Sounds pretty good if you like the Foo Fighters I suppose? I guess you can drink some lagers that Dave Grohl himself may have been responsible for picking, and talk to other fans of the band about your favourite songs. Considering pretty much very one in the world likes the Foo Fighters though, I’m not really sure if you need a special themed bar to do that.

Still, it’s a cool idea to get the word out and there’s a Foo Fighters pub quiz on September 18th that might be fun if you’re a particularly big fan of the band. Considering how many records they’ve got though it’s probably gonna be pretty difficult. Better start revising if you plan on entering.

For more Foo Fighters, check them out playing Never Gonna Give U Up with Rick Astley recently in Tokyo. Jokers.


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