Woman Horrified To Find ‘Foetus’ In Her Aldi Tomato Juice (PHOTO)



A mum from Bristol was left horrified recently after finding what “looks like a foetus” in the bottom of her Bloody Mary cocktail from Aldi.

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And guess what she was offered as compensation? A £10 gift voucher. What, so she can buy more juice cartons with surprise offal lurking at the bottom?

29-year-old Jade Smith said:


It was awful.

I opened it and it didn’t feel right, so for some reason I decided to open the actual container. When I shook it, it felt like there was something hard in there.

A quarter of the juice had gone, I poured the rest of the juice out and it was like really thin squash.

When I got to the bottom I found this vile object. I looked at it and took it out because I could just not believe it.

When I looked at it further it looked like a foetus, like it’s got an eye and two little legs, it’s just awful.

Jade was sent a letter of apology with the vouchers, which assured that the “object” had been looked over by experts.


Aldi’s letter added:

We have been unable to explain the exact cause of this incident, but it may have been caused by a breach in the packaging allowing air to enter.

Yeah, that didn’t look like air though, did it? It looks more like the aftermath of a backstreet abortion. The least they could do is compensate this poor woman more than a £10 voucher. Maybe they should reimburse her with some of their special cocaine bananas – that would make a worthy apology.



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