Floyd Mayweather Is Offering $1000 For People To Diss 50 Cent On Instagram

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Easy money.

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have somewhat of a complicated relationship and you never know if they’re best buddies or worst enemies. A couple of years ago 50 was all up in Floyd’s grill about how he couldn’t read, then they were both best buds during the Conor McGregor fight and now it seems that they’re hating on each other again.

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This time their beef started when 50 decided to diss Floyd Mayweather for buying an $18 million watch. I mean why not? Floyd obviously wasn’t too happy about this and so in order to retaliate he’s decided to get the best in the world to annihilate 50 Cent on his own Instagram – and pay them to do so as well.

Check out the post below:

Genius idea right? I haven’t been on 50 Cent’s Instagram account yet to see what the damage looks like, but I’m sure Floyd Mayweather won’t be wasting any time sharing the results when he obtains them. Really hope he does end up paying people $1000 too as it would be great to see him use his money to help people out for once rather than just buying ridiculously expensive watches that are worth more than every house everyone in my family has ever lived in combined. Just saying.

To catch up on Floyd and 50 Cent’s epic beef, check this out. So much dumb stuff for two grown men to be arguing about.


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