Florida Man Vandalises 20 Cars Because Donald Trump Owes Him One TRILLION Dollars

Donald Trump owes this man $1 trillion.

Have you ever had to collect money you were owed from someone? It’s the worst. Whether it’s a day out you organised, splitting the bill from the night before, or money that you lent out, it’s just never easy getting that money you’re owed.

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Now imagine you’re a homeless drug addict in Florida and Donald Trump of all people owes you $1 trillion.

As per the Washington Examiner, that’s the predicament Florida man Justin James Wilson, 30, finds himself in.

Justin was arrested after smashing up 20 parked cars in a drug-fuelled rampage, before passing out on a nearby bench.

After admitting to the damage when deputies arrested him, Justin told them:

Take me to jail. I did it because Donald Trump owes me 1 trillion dollars and these vehicles belong to the mafia.

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What a nightmare. I mean how is Justin supposed to collect the money that the President of the United States owes him? It’s not like he can just walk up to the White House, ring the door bell, and remind Trump that he owes him $1 trillion. How is he expected to get his money back?

Sounds to me like Donald Trump is purposely avoiding him, which is pretty fucked up all things considered. If Trump owed you $1 trillion you would eventually lose your shit and smash up 20 mafia cars as well. You’ve got to try and get his attention somehow.

Let’s just hope someone asks Trump about this during the run-up to the 2020 elections. Don’t want a President that doesn’t pay his debts do we?

P.S. Wonder if Justin knows the Florida drug dealer shotting Donald Trump ecstasy pills?


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