Florida Man Arrested After Disemboweling His Girlfriend With His Hands

Florida Man Disembowels Girlfriend

This is one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever read, so brace yourselves…

This is one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever read, so brace yourselves…

I suppose it’s been a while since anything screwed up happened in Florida so they really had to come back with something extra special to prove it was still the worldwide capital of weird.

24 year old Fidel Lopez has admitted that he disemboweled his 31 year old girlfriend Maria Nemeth during a rough sex session over the weekend after he ‘turned into a monster’ after she uttered hr ex husband’s name twice during their intercourse. Yeah, take a minute to digest that because it’s about to get worse.

Lopez – who was fuelled by Tequila – got so incensed when Nemeth said those words that he left her in the closet that they were having sex in and started walking around their apartment screaming and smashing stuff, including their rear sliding glass door. He then went back into the closet – where Nemeth had now passed out – and stuck a beer bottle up her vagina and a curling iron up her ass. Lopez then put both of his fists into her vagina and pushed his arm up there as far as his elbow, grabbing her intestines and ripped them out of her body.


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Bloody Apartment

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Lopez called police when he realised the severity of what he had done and told them that he thought Nemeth was going to die as she seemed to be having trouble breathing. When police arrived at the apartment, they found Lopez crying on the floor naked next to Nemeth’s naked dead body. There was blood and puke all over the walls and the floor of the apartment. Absolutely disgusting.

Lopez has since been arrested and charged with first degree murder. Let’s hope they throw the book at him for this one because it’s one of the most screwed up ways to murder someone I’ve ever heard. Absolutely sickening, almost as messed up some of the stories from the 8 youngest killers in history.

Here’s a news report to prove this was actually true:


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