Florida Man Gets Arrested For Pulling Out Eyeball And Using It As Weapon


Classic Florida.

I’ve never really thought of a glass eye as a legitimate weapon, but this story may have proved me wrong.

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Over in Largo, Florida, a 54-year-old man named Edward Dorsey was picked up by police on suspicion of domestic battery. He was transported to a medical centre for an evaluation before he was shipped off over to Pinellas County Jail.

However, whilst in the ER he repeatedly removed his glass eye and threw it at the doctors and nurses, despite being told multiple times not to do this. Dorsey didn’t care though, instead saying, “I can do what I want.” Look at him go – provided you’ve got two eyes of course… zing.


Whilst he may have been able to do what he wanted at the time, he’s now had a charge of battery on an emergency medical care provider added to the domestic battery allegation and as a result, been sent to jail. So he can’t do whatever he wants anymore.

And honestly, what was he even trying to achieve by throwing his eyeball at them, other than maybe freaking them out and pissing them off? Surely an eyeball isn’t even going to cause that much damage anyway? Seems like it would just be more annoying than harmful. I’m still not convinced you can really use a fake eyeball as a weapon basically.

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