Florida Burglar Hides From Police In A Lake, Ends Up Getting Eaten By An Alligator

When your hiding place is just a little TOO perfect.

22-year-old Matthew Riggins found the perfect hiding place after he had robbed a house in Barefoot Bay, Florida and police came looking for him. Unfortunately he ended up getting killed and eaten by an alligator instead.

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Matthew called his girlfriend to tell her police were looking for him and he was hiding by a lake. Meanwhile, police called off the search after neither they or their police dogs could track him down.

However Mathew never returned home so his family reported him missing the next day.

His body was found in the lake 10 days later, but when rescuers pulled it out they were nearly attacked by a massive 11-foot alligator.

It was later killed and Matthew’s hand and foot were found in its stomach.

A police deputy said:

He went into the lake to hide from the officers and the dogs, and came across that gator. To hide somewhere to try and get away, and then meeting up with an animal like that, no, I’ve never had that happen before.


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That is extremely shitty luck, especially when you consider the cops couldn’t find him. They even had dogs with them and not even they could sniff him out — that’s how good his hiding place was. Just unfortunate there was an 11-foot alligator chilling in the same lake. Word of warning to any future burglars in Florida I guess – don’t hide in the lakes.

It’s somehow not the most screwed up alligator story we’ve heard come out of Florida.


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