Is This The Most Extreme Piercing Of All Time?

Sweet flesh tunnels bro – bet the emo girls love it when food falls out the side of your face.

23 year old Joel Miggler from Germany has cut two giant ‘flesh tunnels’ through his cheeks and you can now literally see his teeth through the side of his face. The holes, on both sides of his face, are 36mm wide but he’s going raggo with plans to stretch them to 40mm soon.

What happens when Joel eats and drinks? Does food and liquid just fall out of the side of his face at the dinner table? Nope, he’s found a way around that by plugging the holes like a bathtub.

“The jewellery doesn’t touch my teeth and makes no problem with eating and drinking. I can only take smaller bites than before.”

Guy’s got all his bases covered. Name one negative about having two giant gaping holes on the side of your face through which you can see the inside of your mouth? You can’t. Except maybe one day when he gets a particularly bad case of thunder chunder and those cheek plugs literally blow off his face and he starts puking out of every hole. That’d be unfortunate.



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