Flat Eric And Mr Oizo Are Back!

Mr Oizo Flat Eric

Mr Oizo releases a banger and ropes in Flat Eric for the teaser video.

Mr Oizo Flat Eric

Mr Oizo and Flat Eric are back! Well they didn’t really go anywhere, they’re just not being played constantly on TV like they were back in 1999. Mr Oizo is part of Ed Banger records, who are French and release aweomse music. Flat Eric is a yellow doll that was made by Levis for an ad campaign years ago. Mr Oizo made the music for that ad and it went went viral pretty much instantly because it was such a dope track, and that’s how the two met.

Mr Oizo and Flat Eric are re-united once again in the video below which is a teaser for Mr Oizo’s new track ‘STADE 3000’. The video also features American actor William Fichtner who’s playing chess with Flat Eric while Mr Oizo – STADE 3000 plays in the background. Listen once, listen twice, BAM – hooked. Love it.

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