The First Trailer For True Detective Season 3 Has Arrived And It’s Pure Fire

True Detective

Back to its best.

Back in 2014, True Detective was the hottest show around and literally everyone was talking about the identity of The Yellow King.

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Fast forward too 2015 though and the second series failed to live up to the high standards of the first and it was clear a rethink was needed if there was to be a third season. It looks like this has happened successfully though and the new series looks it’s going to take inspiration from the first and return to the formula that made that so enjoyable.

The rural/gothic setting is back, as are multiple timelines and a real mystery that will slowly unravel during the course of the season. It’s only 71 seconds long but it really does give a sense of the show being back to its best – take a look:

Yeah I mean it’s not really giving much away there is it but it does look like it’s going to be pretty epic and dramatic. We can only hope that when it premieres in January that it lives up to expectations – not long to wait to be fair.

Kinda a bummer that it’s set in the Ozarks considering there’s a whole show about that (Ozark if you’re stupid) but nevertheless if it can hit the high standards of the first season then that will largely irrelevant. We’re rooting for you True Detective.

For more True Detective, check out out some of the plot details for the next season here. Sounds spooky.


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