The First Trailer To Spike Jonze’s Beastie Boys Documentary Has Dropped

Three MCs and one DJ.

The Beastie Boys are one of those iconic bands that created a style of music so unique that it pretty much transcended genre and everyone in the whole entire world likes them, so it makes sense that sooner or later someone would make a documentary about them.

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It’s not really that much of a surprise that that person is Spike Jonze either, as it turns out that he’s been rolling with the Beastie Boys since the start of their careers (of course he has) so he has somewhat of a nuanced perspective on the matter. Jonze has joined forces with surviving members Mike Diamond and Adam Horowitz for ‘Beastie Boys Story’ which examines 40 years of friendship amid their musical career.

Check out the first trailer for it below:

OK so I’ll be honest, that kinda looked like it was gonna be a Hallmark movie and not a wild documentary about one of the baddest rap bands of all time, but I suppose it is gonna be a bit emotional when one of the three is now dead. Fairly confident that the Beasties and Jonze will make a compelling and must see documentary though so I’ll probably be tuning in if I can get a crack of Apple TV from somewhere.

For a reminder of just how incredible the Beastie Boys were in their prime, here they are absolutely blowing Letterman away back in the day. Sensational.


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