The Teaser Trailer For ‘Trainspotting 2’ Will Make You Feel Nostalgic As Hell

Trainspotting 2 Teaser

January 27th 2017 can’t come soon enough.

‘Trainspotting 2’ has been a dream for the past 20 years as rumours swirled, people talked and Danny Boyle and the cast promised that it would definitely happen one day.

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Well, we all know when that day is now and that it’s quite literally being filmed as I type this, but even so, every time some new nugget of information drops we can’t help but get that bit more excited about it. Today, the first trailer featuring actual footage from the movie dropped and yes, we’re all even more pumped about it now than we were the last time we heard about it:

Ok, so not much really happens in it and it’s just a teaser. But man when those drums kick in and Iggy Pop starts singing that iconic track and you see the original cast standing there 20 years on, you get totally buzzed that this is finally happening. AND we’ve only got about six months to wait for it. January 27th 2017 can’t come soon enough eh?

If you want to know anything about the potential plot of the movie, check this out.


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