First Photos Show Parsons Green Bombing Suspect Being Tackled Outside Chicken Shop

Yahya Faroukh arrested

Tracked down.

The identity of the second suspect to be arrested in relation to Friday’s Parsons Green bomb attack has been revealed.

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21-year-old Yahya Faroukh was allegedly pinned down by four undercover police officers at around midnight on Saturday night outside Aladdins’ chicken shop near Heathrow.

Yahya Faroukh arrested

Faroukh was a Syrian refugee who had been fostered by couple Ron and Penny Jones in Surrey after fleeing the war-torn country. It is believed that the first suspect to be arrested in relation to the Parsons Green tube bombing, an unnamed 18-year-old boy, also lived with the Joneses, although there is no suggestion that the couple had any idea of them plotting at the property.

Apparently Faroukh, who worked as a night club promoter, had been living in the house since 2013, and the first pictures released of the suspect show him posing in front of various landmarks in and around the city.

Yahya Faroukh Yahya Faroukh Yahya Faroukh

What’s bizarre is that many people who encountered Faroukh said that he seemed like a nice person and Mohammed Konbus who met him while the two journeyed through Egypt said that he wasn’t religious and was “very sensible”:

He doesn’t seem like a guy that would go to that limit. I don’t agree with people being killed so I hope we find out who it was.

Obviously we don’t know for sure the full details of who was behind the attack, which involved a device that was partially detonated on the London underground on Friday leaving 29 people injured.

Homemade bomb

Now it’s up to the police to find out who masterminded the attack in order to prevent any more being carried out. Extra police are on the streets amid heightened security and authorities have urged extra vigilance following the news that this is the fifth terrorist attack to get through Britain’s defences since March 2017. When will it end?

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Everyone’s on high alert these days it seems – just check out this guy who mistakenly thought there was a terrorist attack and so jumped through a Costa coffee window, breaking both his arms.


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