Someone Just Landed The First Ever Front Flip In A Monster Truck

Monster Truck Flip

Doing the impossible.

Monster trucks are a bit of a weird one as I’m not really sure why they exist or why they’re entertaining, but for some reason they are and people pack out stadiums to see them all over the world, even though I’ve never really seen a monster truck do anything vaguely entertaining.

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This video below might be the exception though, as for once I’ve finally seen a monster truck do a completely sick trick. And it really is completely and utterly sick, as driver Lee O’Connell has managed to do the impossible by actually landing a full 360 flip in a monster truck.

Check it out because this is actually unbelievable:

What about that huh? It’s kind of a shame that he screws it up a bit by flipping over on the trick immediately after it, but I suppose he was so buzzing after landing that one he didn’t really pay attention to what he was doing afterwards. Doesn’t change the fact that that front flip was completely and utterly sick. Fair play to the guy.

For more monster trucks, check out a bunch of them racing down a mountain. Wild.


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