The First Black Hole Ever Photographed Has Started Wobbling In An Unexpected Way

Classic 2020.

2020 has been an absolute shit show and just continues to get worse and worse, so why not top it off with an alien invasion or the whole planet being sucked into a black hole or something like that?

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Sadly, this looks like it could end up being a possibility as scientists are reporting that the first ever black hole to be photograph M87* has started wobbling in an unexpected way. M87* was first photographed last year and scientists initially thought that it was acting normally, but after studying it over an extended time period they’ve noticed that it’s been wobbling and rotating.

Thankfully, they think that they have an explanation for this and it isn’t because an alien invasion force is gearing up to jump through it. The current hypothesis is that the wobble is caused by gas falling onto the black hole that is thrown around at the edge of the black hole due to the extreme heat located there.

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Here’s what the lead author of the paper Maciek Wielgus had to say about it

Because the flow of matter is turbulent, the crescent appears to wobble with time.

Actually, we see quite a lot of variation there, and not all theoretical models of accretion allow for so much wobbling. What it means is that we can start ruling out some of the models based on the observed source dynamics.

Yeah I don’t really understand any of that at all to be honest, but I’m willing to believe the experts on this one and hope that it isn’t anything too bad. The fact that this is going on in 2020 doesn’t bode well though.

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