Find Out All About The Secret History Of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey With This Tour Around The Distillery


Think you know Jack? Think again.

For pretty much most of my life, Jack Daniel’s whiskey has been associated with good times, JD & Cola and that incredible BBQ glaze, but it turns out that there’s a whole different side to the brand that I didn’t really know anything about centred around the distillery and the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

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The video below highlights the history of Jack Daniel’s and how the brand operates, as London bartender Nathan Sheeran heads over to Lynchburg to visit the world famous Jack Daniel Distillery and learn what goes on behind the scenes of the famous whiskey brand. A guy whose actual name is Jesse James gives Nathan the tour, where he discovers not only how the whiskey is distilled, but also the effect that the distillery has on the local community:

Wow. What a great little community – I love that story about Jack Daniel’s death and the moral of the story that comes with it: ‘never get to work too early’. That’s the kind of lesson I’d like to live my life by, and it seems like it’s how the guys in Lynchburg roll too, even though they all manage to distribute Jack Daniel’s worldwide every year.

The phrase ‘southern hospitality’ comes to mind when after watching that video. It seems like there’s a great collective vibe in the town of Lynchburg and it’s all thanks to Jack Daniel and his iconic whiskey. Make sure you think about that when you order a JD and Cola at the bar this weekend.


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