The Final Suicide Squad Trailer Just Dropped And We Couldn’t Be More Hyped


The hype is real.

It’s only two weeks until Suicide Squad is finally unleashed at cinemas and to get people even more stoked about one of the most anticipated movies of the year, DC decided to drop the final trailer at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend.

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The trailer itself seems super long for a trailer (three and a half minutes) and manages to cram a whole load of footage that we haven’t seen before into it too. There’s some part where all the villains are hanging out at a bar seemingly after the events of the movie (bit of a spoiler there?) talking about how they ‘almost pulled it off’, a bunch of prison scenes, a bunch of battle scenes and a couple of kinda cringey jokes/light hearted moments. Still not enough Joker –  although we might get to rectify that later on:

Yeah, there’s no way this isn’t going to be good is there? It’s got it all really – charismatic and likeable bad guys being badasses, loads of explosions, a psychotic and sexy babe, huge battles and superpowers. That’s pretty much a winning combination for box office success, we just need to hope that the movie is actually good now unlike Batman V Superman from earlier this year. I’m confident though.

If you need to get more hyped on Suicide Squad, check out some of the other footage/stories about its production here.


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