Check Out These Awesome Fictional Corporate Logos For Pokemon Characters

Pokemon Logo

Pidgey is definitely our best pick of the bunch.

A guy called Sebastiaan de With – the founder of San Francisco based design agency Pictogram – has created a project called Pokemon branding, where he imagines the corporate logos for your favourite Pokemon characters like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Ekans and of course Pikachu.

The idea behind it is that the Pokemon have started their own companies and de With has even provided details of what sector these companies do business in, as well as their logos.  To be fair to de With he gets most of the logos pretty much spot on, as you can see on the following slide show which is accompanied by his descriptions of the fictional organisations.. Just need all of these Pokemon to actually start companies now – branding is the hardest part and they’ve got that out of the way so it should be plain sailing from here for them.

However cool these logos and stories are though, they’re nowhere near as cool as the Pokemon fusion art we featured last year, where designers crossbred Pokemon with each other to create all kinds of awesome new species of Pokemon.

Pokemon Corporate Logos 1

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