More emphatic listening from the Swedish songstress

Following on in the Swedish songstress theme on Sick Chirpse, I bring you Fever Ray who I have been a fan of ever since she was part of the electronic duo The Knife, with favourites being Like A Pen, Pass This On, Silent Shout and Heartbeats.

Since going solo in 2009, Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersso aka Fever Ray, has proven her talent with smashers like If I Had a Heart and When I Grow Up (the straight-down remix by Scuba is one of my favourite songs of the last couple of years). She is a unique performer who is famed for wearing masks and being very theatrical – making her even more alluring.

Her latest offering The Wolf is featured in the soundtrack for the new Little Red Riding Hood film, and features more of her strange and menacing vocal sounds that made her a success in the first place. The song has a dramatic build-up with synths and drums to allow Fever Ray to arrive with a bang, in what makes a somewhat-creepy yet atmospheric way. It is a terrifying track which fits the dark film perfectly , so check it out here and let us know what you think:


The film will be out on April 1st, so make sure you don’t miss out on the haunting and dark-tale.

The self-titled new album ‘Fever Ray’ is out now to buy!

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