Fernando Alonso Somehow Escaped Death Today Following Absolutely Insane Formula One Crash (VIDEO)

Fernando Alonso crash

He is one lucky man.

Fernando Alonso has miraculously walked away uninjured from a horrific crash at the Australian Grand Prix. The McLaren driver’s car flipped over twice and was literally shredded to pieces before bashing into the barrier at the Albert Park today.

He was quickly taken away to the medical centre for a check-up and has since been given the all clear by doctors, which is pretty mad when you see how bad the crash was. Fernando clearly knows how lucky he is, as he said:

I’m happy to be here, it was quite a scary crash.

He also wrote on his Instagram page:

I am aware that today I spent some of the luck remaining in life. I want to thank McLaren, the FIA for the safety on these cars. Also my colleagues and fans for the concern and unconditional support. Now it’s time to rest and think about Bahrain.

Pretty brave of him to already be looking forward to future races. If that was me, I wouldn’t get in the driving seat again for a long time. Check out the crash and see for yourself:

Major. The fact that he came out unscathed really is testament to the safety and design of the cars. Still, he is a very lucky man not to even have a scratch or broken bone.

He is nearly as fortunate as Austin Dillon that time he walked away from an absolutely insane NASCAR crash. That was brutal.


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