What Is The Fencing Response?

fencing response

MMA fighter Francis Grant is a prime example of how the body can react to a particularly brutal knockout. Check him out on the receiving end of Scott Noble’s punishing blow in this knockout video.

fencing response

Not to sound like a big shot or anything, but I’ve never been knocked out. I’ve been punched, slapped, kicked, but never KO’d, and I’d really like to keep it that way. However a small part of me does wonder what it must feel like to have your lights well and truly put out. To be struck so hard and so precisely on your head that your body literally shuts down as if someone found your ‘OFF’ button and pushed it. What does it feel like to wake up from a knockout? I was told once it’s like awakening from a pleasant afternoon siesta, refreshed and well rested, ready for the day ahead.

Somehow, I doubt that’s how MMA fighter Francis Grant felt when he eventually woke up after this particular KO from opponent Scott Noble. Less than ten seconds into the first round, Noble jumps up and catches Grant with a kick to the head, knocking him out instantly.

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The scary thing is how Grant’s body responds to the KO. He falls back stiff as a board and goes into something called the “Fencing Response”, which is when your arms are involuntarily flexed or extended into the air after a certain degree of impact to the skull and consequently the brain. It is as good an indicator as you’ll get that someone has been well and truly knocked the fuck out, with a guaranteed concussion to boot.

Check out the video from Operation Octagon XXII below:

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