Football Player’s Tampon Falls Out In The Middle Of Top-Flight Women’s Game

Well that’s embarrassing.

Remember the girl who ran the London Marathon with her period blood splashing all over the place? It was entirely intentional on her part and also kinda gross — no one wants to see a marathon runner’s period blood spraying everywhere just like they don’t want to see a marathon runner’s penis or gruesome injury, for example.

So spare a thought for what occurred to this girl during a game between Birmingham and Liverpool. The game was momentarily halted after a tampon somehow appeared on the pitch following a strong challenge between City’s Kirsty Linnett and Liverpool’s Corina Schroder.

Watch below:

Probably not the way you want to make football history, but history made nonetheless.

Slightly less change of that happening in the Iranian women’s squad, considering half their players are actually dudes.


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