Felix Baumgartner’s Helmet Cam

felix baumgartner helmet cam

Everyone in the world probably watched Felix Baumgartner and his stratosjump but footage of the jump from his helmet has only just emerged. Check it out here but hold onto your breakfast/lunch.

So pretty much everyone watched Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump last night and everyone was posting on their Facebook about how awesome it was and how it was a ‘defining moment of our generation’ and how Felix was the man etc etc, except for one douchebag I’m friends with who posted this status: ‘Facebook should just do an automated “that was incredible” status for everyone. No offence if you’ve done one for yourself but you may as well have the words “I state the obvious at obvious times” tattoo’d on your face. Again, no offence to anyone it’s just an opinion like that Clarkson fellow on that political panel show with cars in.’ It kind of made me want to delete him but then I thought I might miss out on status updates like this that are so fvcking retarded and quirky it’s untrue, and I didn’t want to give up on that just yet.

Anyway, most of the world was agreed in the fact that Felix’s jump was really cool. Sure, watching a small dot spin around for a bit for 5 minutes or so wasn’t really that cool or fun, but when he jumped out of the ship it looked awesome and there are a bunch of GIF’s out there that look incredible. I’m sure that’s a scene that is going to be repeated millions and millions of times in the future, it’s kind of like our generation’s moon landing or something.

Like I said, I’m sure most people watched it last night but I’m pretty sure that the footage from his helmet cam has only just been released in the last hour (I deduced this because even though there are a bunch of videos of it on YouTube and they’ve all been uploaded in the last two hours or so and don’t have many likes, views or comments, but I could be wrong) or so and is pretty special so I thought I would whack it up on Sick Chirpse. The camera itself is placed so you can see Felix’s helmet, it’s not a POV shot but you still get a bunch of awesome views of the Earth and space and get to see how much he was spinning round and how fast he was going. This is the best quality version I could find, unfortunately a bunch of German guys are talking over the whole thing but the other versions were really low quality and you don’t really need decent commentary over it to enjoy it so just turn your sound down or something if it’s really annoying you.I kinda wanna see a video of the footage just of his face the whole way through because I can imagine that is pretty intense. If anyone knows if that exists, hit me up:

Check out the helmet cam footage below though:

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