VIDEO: Felix Baumgartner’s Jump Reenacted In Lego

felix baumgartner LEGO

Everything is just so much funnier/better when it happens in Lego, right?

felix baumgartner LEGO

I don’t know what I find so cool about seeing stuff I’ve seen in live action being recreated in Lego but I guess it probably has something to do with the fact that Lego is so small and stupid looking that every reenactment is just instantly hilarious because of how stupid it all looks.

So yeah, if you were anything like me and most other people in the world, you were probably huddled around a laptop with about 7 other people last night all trying to get a good view on a really small screen of Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump or whatever you want to call it. The start of it was pretty awesome when he was sitting on the spacecraft/vehicle whatever and looking over the world and jumped but then the rest of it was kinda boring when he was just falling for ages and didn’t set on fire or disintegrate or anything. Still, it was a pretty epic event and probably something you will always remember where you were for, like when Rage Against The Machine got the Christmas number one or the Twin Towers went down. I don’t know why they didn’t schedule it for Sunday originally rather than a Wednesday, way more people probably ended up watching it live because of that.

About one hour after the jump finished though, this Lego reenactment of Felix’s jump hit the internet. I’m not sure how they managed to make it so quickly because obviously a lot of effort goes into making these things (which makes me think that it was probably made beforehand so could even be described as a fake! I bet they’re happy he didn’t die or anything because then they would have had to reshoot it/chuck the footage away) but like most Lego recreations it’s really funny but for no real reason other than the fact that it’s in Lego. Disappointingly they didn’t manage to take their Lego ship to the edge of the atmosphere either so you don’t get a cool reenactment of that shot where he jumps off the ship over the world, but it’s still a pretty fun reenactment.

Check it out below:

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