This is a nice new advert from our friends in FedEx Canada using FedEx packages as Giant Dominos.

So everyone has seen that OK GO video and that The Bravery video that does pretty much the same thing as this FedEx advert, but whenever one of these domino videos comes out everyone always ends up watching them right, even if they’re not that inventive. It’s just so much fun seeing what’s going to happen next! Everybody loves contraptions and inventions right?

This FedEx dominos advert is pretty obviously computer generated in some parts but is still a welcome addition to the family. In the advert the dominos serve as a metaphor for the journey that the FedEx package is taking as it makes its way from Canada down to Florida in little over a day. It’s pretty nice/cute as the devil is in the details as the dominos go up hills, utilise devices that make the sun rise and fall etc etc. It’s a lot of fun and worth watching. I probably wouldn’t even change the channel if it came on on TV.

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