HBO Releases Trailer For ‘F*ckboy Island’ – A New Reality TV Show Featuring 3 Women & 24 Men

Love Island – eat your heart out.

There’s no shortage of Love Island-style dating shows out there, with TV production companies thinking up new twists and gimmicks to essentially deliver a fresh spin on the same old idea – stick a bunch of young hotties on an island and let them shag and slag each other off.

Here’s what HBO is cooking up this summer with ‘Fuckboy Island’…

Hmm, so let me get this straight – there are 3 women and 24 men. Half of the men are there for true love, and the other half are self-confessed ‘fuckboys’ i.e. players. If the F Boys fool the women into falling in love with them, they win $100k? And everyone on the island is conventionally good-looking? Welp, I guess that could work.

It also looks like they’ll be on the Cayman Islands so everyone will basically be naked or in their swimwear the whole time, which let’s be honest – is the real reason most people watch this shite. No one cares who finds love on this show, they just want to see the contestants have sex and gossip/be mean about each other.

Here are the three lucky ladies…


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Stick these three gals on an island with a couple dozen beach bodied bros, ply everyone with alcohol, and then kick back and wait for the fireworks. Pretty simple formula that always seems to work with these shows. F*ckboy Island it out on HBO later this month – enjoy?

For the new Love Island contestant who says she has sex 8 times a day and refuses to be ashamed of it, click HERE. That’s the spirit!


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