Here’s A Fat Kid Getting Punched In Slow Motion By The Hardest Puncher In The UFC

Hardest UFC Punch Fat Kid


Mark Hunt is a UFC Heavyweight who has knocked out over 20 people during his UFC and K1 kickboxing career and has one of the hardest punches in the business. He’s one tough cookie.

This kid called Noodles is just some fat kid and I have absolutely no idea about anything about him, except that he can take one of Hunt’s hardest body shots and shake it off like it’s absolutely nothing.

Impressive or insane? Take a look for yourself:

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Wow. As Joe Rogan himself says:

The stuff of nightmares. Nothing scarier than a guy that can laugh off a full power Mark Hunt body shot.

Is he gonna have a career in UFC or what? In the meantime, here’s another fat kid who is nowhere near as cool as Noodles. He tried to cheat in his school race but still ended up losing by a landslide. Loser.


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