This Fan Trailer Charting Jon Snow’s Journey Is Absolutely Epic

Jon Snow

This is going to get you pumped.


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As we all know, Jon Snow is now one of the most important characters in Game Of Thrones as his true identity as King In The North and the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark was finally revealed in last week’s season finale. To celebrate the occasion, one YouTuber has decided to release a supercut of Jon’s journey through all six seasons of Game Of Thrones and as you might expect it’s suitably epic:

Damn that got me pumped up. It’s just a bummer I’ve got to wait about a year before season 7 starts, and probably even more of a bummer that that’s probably going to be the final season of the show too. Hopefully the fans will continue to make awesome supercuts like this long after it’s finally finished though.


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