This Fan Theory About ‘Stranger Things’ Will Completely Change The Way You View The Show

Stranger Things

This actually makes a lot of sense.

‘Stranger Things’ is the breakout hit of the summer as everyone seems to have fallen in love with its combination of 80s nostalgia, spooky goings on, great title sequence and the depiction of the true value of friendship. Obviously there are going to be spoilers in this post so if you haven’t seen it yet don’t bother reading any further in this article.

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Basically, if you’ve finished the show then you’ll know that it left a lot of questions unanswered about just what the hell was going on with the UpsideDown and the monster and the experiments, instead deciding to focus on the things that made the show great as mentioned above. Whether or not these questions will be answered in the second season is anybody’s guess, but one fan theory is doing the rounds and it makes a lot of sense – the idea that the monster is actually eleven.

Here’s the theory explained in a short video:

Yep, I told you it made a lot of sense. And all those Easter Eggs like the X Men comic book and the Dungeons And Dragons character are absolutely the kind of things that I think the Duffer Brothers would put into the show to try and signpost the theory for all the geeks out there who love reading too much into these things.

So yeah, I think this theory is completely correct. It’s a fairly common theme in these kinds of series/movies too so I’m gonna go all out and say that this is actually what’s going to be revealed at some point in the second season. You heard it here first.

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