Fan Jumps From Stands To Meet Lionel Messi; Gets Immediately Speared By Security Guard

Messi Scared

No chance mate.

There are a lot of people out there who become obsessed with celebrities and will do anything in their power to meet their idols. Unfortunately, they haven’t reckoned with the fact that their heroes have often employed people who will do anything within their power to ensure that their clients aren’t bothered by annoying fans.

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Case in point, this video that emerged today from Barcelona’s friendly match with Celtic. One obsessed football fanatic thought that if he jumped from the stand into the tunnel where the players walk out then it might be possible to get a selfie with the great man Lionel Mess, but unfortunately security within the stadium was onto him in a flash.

Check out how long it takes for him to get completely obliterated by a security guard with a spear:

Yeah mate, you’re not meeting Messi today. You might get a chance to have a viral video of how battered you got by this security guard though, so there is that. Call it compensation.

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