Watch This Fan Jump The Barrier On RAW And Escort Seth Rollins To The Ring In The Main Event

Fan Jumps Barrier With Seth Rollins

The best part about this is what the fan is wearing.

I’ve seen some crazy things when I’ve tuned into wrestling over the years – most notably that Undertaker Mankind 1998 Hell In A Cell match – but I think the amount of times I’ve seen a fan get over the barrier and actually do anything meaningful is pretty miniscule.

It happened last night though during the main event of RAW where Seth Rollins and The New Day were set to go up against The Prime Time Players and John Cena and during Seth’s entrance a fan hopped over the barrier and started heading down to the ring with him.

You only get a glimpse of the dude and that’s probably the most unfortunate part because he looks like he could be a juggalo or an extra in any number of nu metal videos from the late 90s/early 00s from bands like Mudvayne, Taproot or Adema and it’s a crying shame that we don’t get at least one close up of his get up.

The Prime Time Players seem pretty annoyed by it but John Cena keeps them under control like the good dude that he is. The dude is then swiftly grabbed by the referee and thrown out by security but we’re wagering that escorting Seth Rollins to the ring was probably the best moment of this little moron’s life – probably even better than when he attended Gathering Of The Juggalos.

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